We offer Preventative Maintenance twice a year, spring and fall. Checking to make sure unto is ready for the upcoming season, summer or winter. Our residential service covers mobile homes as well as regular housing. We also service heating and a/c on boats.

Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency:

Commonly referred to as AFUE, it is a measure of heating efficiency. More efficient furnaces have a higher AFUE.

Air Handler: It is usually a furnace or blower coil and is responsible for moving heated or cooled air through ductwork.

British Thermal Unit: A BTU is a unit of energy. Look for high BTUs on HVAC systems that have a greater heating capacity.

Central Air Conditioner: Air is handled and distributed from a central location to rooms throughout a home or building.

Compressor: This device is located on your outdoor air-conditioning unit. Its function is to compress and pump cooling refrigerant.

Ductwork: Air is distributed from the furnace or blower coil via ductwork throughout your home.

Energy Star: A trademarked label for HVAC products that meet strict guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency for efficiency and performance.

Heat Exchanger: It transfers heat to air that is distributed throughout the home.

Humidifier: This device sends moisture into heated air as it leaves the furnace.

Humidistat: Maintains humidity levels at adjusted levels.

What is the best temperature settings for my thermostat?

At the lowest (winter) or highest (summer) temperature at which your family is truly comfortable. There is no magic number. The highest purpose of a home comfort system is comfort. If you heat with a heat pump not equipped with a “smart” thermostat, or a programmable thermostat, you should find a comfortable temperature setting and leave it there. With any system, it is easiest to balance comfort and economy with the help of a programmable thermostat.

HVAC Jargon

Home heating and cooling systems are much easier to operate than ever before. They work better and need fewer repairs. The innovations that bring more comfort and convenience make system operations more complicated. For the average consumer, HVAC systems can be a challenge to understand. When replacing an old HVAC system, or shopping for a new one, it makes sense to inform yourself about industry jargon.

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